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About Highland Creek Books

At the core of Highland Creek Books is a husband and wife team who've been involved with books and publishing, education and illustration for decades.

Your Book Needs What We Provide

  • A professional design will make your book look better, sell better, and make a better first and lasting impression. People do judge a book by its appearance, and we've got yours covered.

  • Copy editing prevents grammatical and structural trainwrecks that put readers and reviewers off, never to return. A couple of egregious mistakes in spelling, punctuation, or style makes your book a liability rather than an asset. We'll keep yours on the right track.

  • We'll produce an interior layout that invites readers to dive in and stay in right to the end. Typefaces, line spacing, appropriate borders, pagination, ornamentation, and gutter allowances all contribute to readers' experiences. We love that stuff.

  • You'll need a 13-digit ISBN barcoded on your book to get it on Amazon, in bookstores, and in Books in Print. (You can sell books out of your trunk without an ISBN, but that's about all.) We can provide one.

  • Every good book deserves a good website. A website for your book can help connect you with readers, provide an outlet for news or experimental work, make it easy for new and faithful readers to find your personal appearances (or help you schedule one) and facilitate online sales.

    Our sister site Highland Creek Design specializes in websites for writers, including a monthly magazine for Writers Digest's former editor in chief — you think he didn't have plenty of firms to pick from? Your book will have at least a one-page presence on the Highland Creek Books website ro serve as an electronic brochure. Need more? You can count on the best possible deal for more ambitious book and author websites built, hosted, and maintained by Highland Creek Design.
  • Prepress including typesetting and layout for your cover and interior is our stock in trade, but our services don't end there. Copy editing, warehousing, order fulfilment, stock and custom photography, author portraits, webwork and online order fulfillment... prepress is only the beginning.

Every project is different. We'll be happy to quote yours.

Junk Drawer
Let the Lady Speak

Cover Design & Photography:
The Honbrook Prophecy
The Myth America Pageant
(CD folio coming soon)

Websites for Writers & Books:
Michael Reno Harrell
David Fryxel / Desert Exposure
Francisco Stork
Bobby Wilson
Melanie Rigney
Martha Fitzgerald / Letters to Luke
Richard Haines, Chameleon








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