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Nancy signing at a reception at
Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute

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From the Introduction:

As the eldest of five daughters, the third in five generations of first-born daughters, I was never discouraged from finding my voice or speaking my mind. This particular group of poems came together as I imagined not only what my grandmothers and great grandmothers might have to say, but other women in history and literature as well. I am most fortunate, too, that I do not have to imagine my own mother’s soft-spoken voice. I just have to stop and listen.

A voracious reader, I worked my way through the biographies during some of my years in elementary, while I have found many of my fictional characters just as real. Always interested in considering the other point of view, therefore, I was just as curious about what Lady Macbeth or Scarlet O’Hara might have to say as Amelia Earhart or Anne Frank.

I have a button pinned on the board beside my computer desk that reads “I’m a Good Listener!” Some days, if I listen closely, I hear some of those voices — the fictional, the historical — mingled with the voices from my own family. I pay homage by paying attention.

— Nancy Posey



Table of Contents

  1 Negative
  2 Or Maybe the Day After That
  3 Built by Hand
  4 Guenevere
  5 Attachment
  6 Amelia
  7 All-Night Gospel Singing
  8 Grandma Sally Rose
10 Hey-Day
11 Thankful
12 And Then
13 Ghosts Almost
14 Flood
15 In Hiding
16 Faculty Road Trip
18 Stolen Fire
19 Feet
20 Penelope’s Lament upon His Return
21 Breast Milk and Frozen Okra
22 Zelda
23 Herself, Only Thinner
24 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - n. fear of big words
25 Writing Home from Istanbul
26 Creative Writing Class: A Study in Black and White
27 Wash Tub Ablutions
28 Rain Coming
29 Getting Away
30 Small Change
31 Photographic Memory
32 Parlor Weddings
33 Hungry


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