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  FAQ's (We hear 'em all the time.)


    What can you do that I can't do?

Nothing, provided that you, too, have years of experience with state-of-the-art layout software, image editing packages, copy editing, photography, digital typesetting, web and cover design, as well as writing, teaching and editing English.


    Is this vanity publishing?

Nope. We don't publish what we don't like. We retain control over our title list, because we're building a business and a brand that we want to become associated with quality writing. We're in this together.

Eventually, we'd like to be in a position to offer advances and to propose a variety of contracts like the big guys do. In the meantime, while we work out the kinks and build up a stable of goto talent (that would be you), our business model may superficially resemble that of a value-added printer. Our discretion about the projects we undertake and the specialized skills we bring to your project make us different.


    What's it going to cost?

This is where we mumble about every project being different when what you really want is a number.

Costs change rapidly because of the price of printing and paper; these numbers may or may not differ significantly from today's. We'll quote your project for free; then you can run reliable numbers to see what works for you.

Got that? OK, suppose we can keep a short run (say 100 copies) of a novella (let's say 68 pages) to something under $1,400.

Is that expensive? You set the price, but suppose you charge $15.95 and sell out the edition. All things considered, you'll about break even. Nobody's going to make money on an inexpensive short run. Trade-priced short-run printing is not about the money but about exposure. On the other hand, we can reorder more books from the printer with the cost of set up and design already paid for and you could begin to pocket a decent percentage.

For a more commercially viable project, consder 300 copies of a 240 page novel or resource book with a color cover. Your investment would be around $2,400.

Price it at $16.95, sell out the edition, and you've made $2,700. Add a custom website for another $600 and aggressively promote your book. Do a couple of readings, land a radio interview or two; order more books and sell another 1,000 copies. Bottom line, you're up over $13,000.

But every project is different. We can deliver finished books or only the files for you to take to a printer of your choice (try Table Rock Printers in Morganton, NC, for example). . Use our contact form to introduce yourself and your project. We'll be happy to quote it.


  What do you need from me?

You'll need to provide your manuscript in electronic form. Word, WordPerfect, or some other word processing program that can produce rich text files that our computers can read will be fine. Printed manuscripts cannot be used to set up your book, but we'd be happy to review a query, a proposal, or a complete manuscript in printed form to see if you and we are a good match.

If you'd like to email a proposal or a query, please attach it to an email and send it to


or use our contact form to introduce yourself and your book.

CDs or printed matter can be mailed to this address:

Highland Creek Books
238 Rivercliff Drive
Connellys Springs, NC 28612




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