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  FAQ's (We hear 'em all the time.)


    What can you do that I can't do?

Nothing, provided that you, too, have years of experience with state-of-the-art layout software, image editing packages, copy editing, photography, digital typesetting, web and cover design, as well as writing, teaching and editing English.


    Is this vanity publishing?

Much has changed! What used to be called "vanity publishing," a derisive term used mostly by old-school publishers to protect their own status, has become "self-publishing" and small-press publishing, perfectly respectable business models for writers and musicians. What we offer has changed as well.

We do ocassionally operate as a small press, but we rarely "publish" anything these days. What we provide is pre-press services so writers can write and musicians can perform without also having to live on computers and worry about fonts and CMYK vs RGB color spaces, bleed lines, cut-lines, gutter allowances, paper opacity... etc. We can also do copyediting. And we can provide websites with basic eCommerce to help youi with promotion.

Basically, you write and record until you're happy with the words and music; we put the project into a form that is both aesthetically pleasing to you and technically acceptable to high-volume digital printers, book binderies, and CD/DVD replicators. We'll help you find the right printer and oversee the production of proofs, and then you contract directly with the printer for delivery of the finished product.


    What's it going to cost?

This is where we mumble about every project being different when what you want is a number. But every project is different.

We bill by the hour (and we can do a lot in an hour). That said, most projects run between $600 and $2,200 depending. Depending? Depending on what you need us to do. For example, copyediting is especially time-consuming. Choosing and producing artwork can take time, too, so much will depend on how much artwork you provide in ready-to-use form. (We'll pass along without markup any licensing fees we have to pay for third-party work). The complexity of the layout (footnotes? endnotes? top and bottom filigree?) also matters.

Every project is different.


  What do you need from me?

We'll need to know what your final product will be, and you'll need to provide your manuscript in electronic form (Word vastly prefered, though we can also work with PDFs and "rich text" formats).

We'll work with you to be sure we're all aiming at the same end result and provide a more detailed quote before we get down to it.


Introduce yourself.

Let's see if we're a good match for you and your project.






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